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Welcome to the UC Davis International Relations Program – the oldest and we think best International Relations program in the University of California.  A multi-disciplinary curriculum, students take courses in a variety of areas including Political Science, Economics, History, Sociology, and Ecology.  IR students gain both the knowledge and the skills needed to thrive in the increasingly global workplace.  Many of our students participate in Education Abroad Programs, the Washington DC Center, and our honors and internship courses.  We also support the UC Davis Model UN, the student-run International Affairs Journal, and participate in the Student Conference on US Affairs held annually at West Point.

We have outstanding students, provide great advising, and work with terrific and accessible faculty. 

Please drop by to learn more about International Relations at UC Davis.


**EDUCATION ABROAD SCHOLARSHIPS - NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS! - Information and application are available on the Scholarships tab. Application deadline: 4pm, Friday, December 9th, 2016.


Student Learning Objectives for the Major

Students who earn a B.A. in International Relations at UC Davis are expected to be able to:


  • explain the causes and consequences of key phenomena in international relations;
  • understand the strengths and weaknesses of different disciplinary approaches to the study of international relations;
  •  communicate in a modern foreign language of major significance in international affairs;
  • rigorously analyze and evaluate competing theories of international relations.


International Relations Program

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